Athlete’s Guide

Hi! I know that you are very excited to start your training. But I believe you have tons of things to learn first. Why not try reading sports books and sites that may help you learn some techniques and strategies on how to improve your skills.


Here in Train With Cyndee, we provide you reliable information which you can use for your training. Of course, we also get our inspiration from these reliable sports sites that offer great content on how to become the best triathlete:



From the word “active”, this website promotes an active lifestyle through sports. Here, you can find some helpful tips on how to better your skills in triathlon. They also provide customized training guides for running and sports.



Stack is a website that specializes in sports. They improve workout and training guide to improve your strength and endurance and obtain other essential skills needed for your sport. They also offer guide about gear, nutrition, and fitness. If you want interactive videos, this website is perfect for you.


Men’s Fitness

Men’s Fitness is a fitness website dedicated to men. Apart from fitness, they also share information about sports. They teach fitness workouts perfect to improve your athletic skills. They also talk about nutrition, health, and lifestyle.

There are other websites that provide essential information for your training. With these reliable sites, we can pull our inspiration to strive hard and become the best triathlete.