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8 Basic Tips for First-Time Triathletes

Triathlon has been a popular multi-sport activity that involves swimming, biking and running. The sport owns a spotlight in international competitions, including Ironman and the Olympics. With this, there is a massive increase of individuals who are training to become triathletes. Some people also engage into triathlon because of its dynamic disciplines that target improvement of the body in all aspects.


If you want to explore triathlon, consider our 8 basic tips for first-time triathletes:

Own a pair of running shoes

One of the secrets of successful triathletes is a good pair of shoes. To start triathlon, get a pair of running shoes that will be comfortable to you. You can ask the experts advice to tell you what pair of shoes perfectly suit you.


Get any kind of bike

You don’t need to buy a new bike. Just use any bike, whether a road bike, mountain bike or hybrid which you can use for your practice. You can start by biking anywhere until you gradually learn all the skills.


Practice swimming

Grab your swim suit and a pair of goggles and swim anytime and anywhere. You do not have to immediately own a quality wet suit. Just practice swimming until you master the swimming strokes and breathing techniques.

Start simple training

Now, try planning out your training. You can plot directions for your race. You can train for two hours a day, thrice a week.


Eat and drink

Food is your fuel. You have to eat foods that are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that will also help you recover your muscles after training. Moreover, always hydrate by drinking a lot of water.



Training days should have internals between so that you can rest. It is important that you allow your muscles to repair and recover so they can be ready for another round of training.

Gear up

Start buying gears and equipment necessary for a triathlon. You can invest in suits, helmet, bike, shoes, goggles and more.


Hire a coach

If you really wanted to become a professional triathlete, consider hiring a coach. They will provide you necessary training to improve your skills. They will also assess and track your development. Triathlete coaches know a lot on how to train you to become the best athlete.






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