Coach Cyndee

Hi, I’m Cyndee Allen!

It has been my passion helping individuals to develop their skills and become a great athlete. With over 15 years of experience as a coach, I managed to train hundreds of triathletes. I use my passion and skills to teach individuals how to succeed triathlon. Triathlon isn’t just about the mastery of running, biking and swimming. There is always the heart to do it.

In this blog, Train With Cyndee, I will share you the basics of triathlon. You can find here some tips and techniques to master the sport. These will teach you how to improve your strength and endurance to do triathlon. I will also provide you with knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, which are also essential factors to become a successful triathlete.

If you want to start to train, do not hesitate to ask my help. Let me accompany you in your journey towards becoming an expert triathlete. I would be glad to bring you to a community of professional triathletes and beginners like you as well. By exposing you to hundreds of triathletes, you will develop the values of family and sportsmanship that is embedded in triathlete.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to leave your message at

Training with you soon,